Why do we need private, digital cash?
Each year civilization becomes more and more digital. Privacy rights have not kept up with this transition. Data breaches, misuse of customer data, and digital surveillance all harm our online privacy and reduce everyone’s overall expectation of privacy.

Arrow is digital cash. It is permissionless. It does not require an intermediary or a bank account to use. Any transaction executed using Arrow is completely private. There is no digital trail of who sent what to whom—just like when cash is used.

Arrow can help begin to restore our online privacy rights by guaranteeing transactional privacy.

What is the difference between Arrow and Zcash?
Arrow is a block-one hard fork of Zcash, which means the foundational code of Arrow is the same as Zcash’s code as it exists at the block of the fork. However, at the time of launch, Arrow will contain significant upgrades to the Zcash code.

Some of these changes include:

  • 100% private, shielded transactions between user wallets

  • With 45-second block times, Arrow is more than three times faster than Zcash

  • Arrow utilizes recent upgrades to the Zcash code base, via Sapling and its own changes and upgrades to the code, to make the code lighter and cleaner

  • Arrow’s wallet is light, fast, and easy to use

  • Arrow is not conducting an initial coin offering, initial exchange offering, airdrop, or premine

  • Arrow uses an updated version of the Equihash proof-of-work algorithm called Equihash Heavy (192,7)

How do I mine Arrow?
Arrow uses an updated version of the Equihash proof-of-work algorithm called Equihash Heavy (192,7). For more information about how to mine Arrow, refer to the following resources:

What is the founders’ reward, and who receives it?
To incentivize the initial founders for their time, effort, and expenses in creating Arrow, a small percentage of the total supply (3.55%) will be distributed to the founders, via each block reward, for the first eight years of the network’s existence. After eight years the reward will go to zero and back to the miners.

Where are the online Arrow communities?
Arrow is actively growing its online communities, and we encourage you to be a part of them. Join one or more of the following communities:

How do I contribute?
Arrow is open source and decentralized. If you want to contribute to Arrow’s development, join Arrow on GitHub.

There may be future bounties available for contributions towards the development of Arrow, including but not limited to design, translation, and so on. For more information, contact us.

Why is the team anonymous?
The Arrow team believes that the best way for a cryptocurrency to succeed is for the founding members to remain anonymous. At a certain point in the future, some of the identities of the founding members might become public. However, during the early stages of Arrow’s development, the team will remain private, just like you and your transactions.